Month: October 2017

5 Bedroom Design Tips To Achieve Better Sleep

When designing a bedroom, the design should not only concentrate on the visual aesthetics, but to ensure that the room owner can fully maximize the space for its intended purpose, which is sleeping.


Unfortunately, some people tend to focus on the former than the latter, in which the result could be effects on one’s sleeping habits. If you are looking into design your sleeping space, be sure to cover the following to ensure a good night sleep:


  • Make it simple and less flashy


Bedrooms are made to ensure that you have a space where you can relax and rest. With that, interiors should be tame and a little bit relaxed to help the mind relaxed as a well. Flashy interiors can trigger one’s alertness. If sleeping is the main objective, go for a tamer and subdued design. Less is more is an apt expression on this matter.  A tame design would set your mind to relax as well.


If you still want to incorporate some flashy accents on the space, do it tastefully as to not overpower the restrained design.


  • Lessen the electronics in the space


Another thing that can distract you from sleeping is the presence of electronics in the space. Although it is true that some people can fall asleep while watching TV, there are people who consider this as a big distraction. The sound the images that the TV emits send signals to your brain to keep you wide awake and alert. If this is not controlled, it can lead to light sleeping or sleep deprivation.


Do not put any electronic devices on your bedroom. If it is a necessity, be sure to know your limits when using it while you are in your bed space.


  • Take in consideration the bed


Yes, you read it right. Your bed is an essential part of your room, probably the most important furnishing that you need to take into account. If sleeping is what you have in mind when you enter the room and lie on your bed, then this furniture must be chosen careful. Be sure to get the right orthopedic mattress to make sure that you have a good night sleep but also alleviate your body pain while you are sleeping.


When you choose your bed, consider your body type and weight, your usual sleeping position, and the firmness and softness level it can provide you.


  • Soften the lighting


Apart from choosing the best spring mattress in Dubai, you also have to check the space lighting. Go for something dim and relaxing for your bedroom. Too bright lights can hurt your eyes and also make it difficult for you to sleep.

5 Great Tips You Should Heed When Preparing For the GMAT Exam

Most widely known as the gatekeeper of the MBA, most students find GMAT exam a hard nut to crack. In order to give you the highest chances of success, we recommend following the preparation tips below:

Consistency over Intensity

GMAT preparation can be compared to paying chess. Simply learning all the tricks and concepts is not the only important thing; being confident enough to use them logically is the biggest step. This translates into running calculations in the quant section. In contrast to attempting to cram it all in over a single weekend, it is better to have daily, short training sessions to improve this skill, just like most GMAT courses in Dubai aspire to do.

Create A Learning Diary

GMAT questions focus on only a finite number of concepts. Therefore, a great idea to reduce your white areas and improve your preparation is to maintain a learning diary. This means that you should attempt to answer questions that have never appeared in exams before or those that took you too long to answer, and try to comprehend the concept and correct answer behind them. Following this step would make sure that your list of weaknesses soon turns into your list of strengths.

Set Up An Exponential Prep Timetable

It is a no-brainer that you need to plan effectively and leave nothing for the last minute when preparing for your GMAT exam. In addition, taking an exponential approach works wonders in planning and organizing your prep-time: as you funnel ever closer towards the exam date, you should allocate more and more time to your prep. Most students choose an exam date that is falling at the end of the holiday season so that they have more free time to study.

Laminated Drawing Boards Help in GMAT Prep

Laminated drawing boards are offered by a lot of test centers for sketches and calculations you need to make during the test. This can prove quite exasperating for people who are not comfortable with leveraging an erasable overhead marker. This is especially more grueling for left-handed individuals as they can inadvertently smear it all over their faces. You need to prepare for this beforehand and if possible, practice at home to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the test day.

Do Not Overrate Prep Test Results

Most students prefer to prepare for the actual test by taking the prep tests available at the official GMAT website, as a substitute for the real thing. While these tests are great for gauging your level of preparation, the test results should not be overestimated, as they’re not adapted to standardized, real empirical test results. See more information on the prep tests available to students.