7 Kinds of Outdoor Signage for Business Purposes

Outdoor signage is very helpful in pointing customers to the location of a business. Aside from brand awareness and other promotional benefits, an outdoor signage is also a helpful warning for safety reasons. Let us discuss each type of outdoor signage in Dubai.



  1. Pole Sign

Basically, this is a signage mounted on a single pole. It is effective in terms of attracting the attention of new customers because a pole sign offers exclusive advertisement for a certain organization or company. Make sure to use eye-catching colors and interesting design for people to read the signage.


  1. Directional Sign

Made to point towards a certain place, a directional sign is perfect to put on a street near a business or store. Make sure to place it where both drivers and passersby would see the sign to make it an effective promotional material.


  1. Company Name Signboard on a Building

This is the usual company name placed outside a certain building. It aims to help the clients and employees of a company determine the exact location of a business. It is best to spend money on this type of signage by hiring a signage company provider that uses high-quality materials because it is the first thing that people would see before entering your office or store.


  1. Window Graphic

As its name implies, this type of signage is usually pasted on a window. It is an attractive promotional graphic that is commonly placed on a window of an office or a public place.


  1. Hoardings

As we all know, hoardings commonly serve as coverings in some construction sites. However, there are companies who take their chances and place their advertisements in hoardings, especially if the construction site is in a commercial place. Well, if it would attract more customers to the company, then why not right?


  1. Vehicle Graphic

This type of signage is like the window graphic. The only difference is that the vehicle graphic is usually pasted on a vehicle’s body. They are commonly found on company cars, trucks, vans, and other public vehicles.


  1. Monument Sign

This type of outdoor signage is usually illuminated, although there are non-illuminated monument signs. They are popular in the properties of established businesses. A monument sign normally contains the logo of the company, the tagline, and the company’s contact information.


Make sure to entrust your outdoor signage to a reputable company in the design and advertising industry. Click here to website to learn more about outdoor signage and other effective promotional materials.