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Avoid Getting Sick at Work

As a dedicated worker, you most likely spend most of your time in the office. In fact, it may be your second home. You’ve stayed overnight working overtime to beat deadlines, you have your meals in the pantry regularly, and you may even had several power naps in the office lounge. That being said, it’s not at all surprising if you or any of your dedicated employees catch the flu.

If you think that your office is making you sick, here’s what you should do:

Hire cleaning experts

The first thing to do is to make sure that your office space is as clean as a whistle. It’s a public place, and therefore, a breeding ground for viruses. Hire a professional Dubai cleaning service to do this for you. With their experience and their gear, they can disinfect every nook and cranny of your office space.

Always sanitize

Wash up after you use the restroom, after you use the pantry sink, and even after touching door knobs. Make it a habit to sanitize before and after your meals. To make this easier for everybody in the office, install hand sanitizer dispensers in key areas in the office, such as the men’s and ladies’ rooms, in the pantry, and next to the doors.

Avoid sharing

Kids are taught that it’s always good to share, but there are some things you should keep to yourself. This is especially true if you want to stay healthy. Avoid sharing your personal things such as your phone, your computer, and your food. Especially your food! You never know what who touched, so stay on the safe side by having them keep their hands to themselves.

Keep your distance

Stay away from anybody who’s sick. It’s common sense, really, but sometimes you can’t avoid the close proximity. If it’s absolutely necessary to be in contact with a sick colleague, make sure that they are wearing a face mask. In the case that you’re the one who’s sick, don’t think twice about wearing one too.

Don’t touch your face

Try not to touch your face too much. Even if you regularly have the office cleaned and regularly sanitize, the office is a public place. People come and go and without even knowing, leave germs all over the place. You can pick up these germs by touching things in the office, so while hand washing and sanitation is a good practice, it won’t hurt to go the extra mile by avoiding to touch your face.


By simply practicing these habits, you can stay healthy in the workplace. For help with more complicated issues like regular office cleaning, contact professional cleaners in Dubai. Learn more here.

Best Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Details, details, details! These are the element that matter most in any wedding ceremony. Getting the details right can transform your big day into the wedding of your dreams, while the opposite might put a damper on your special day and the memories you will have of that day.


One important element of weddings is the flowers – from the bouquets of the bride and her bridesmaids, to the flower arches and table décor, the flowers create that dreamy and perfect ambiance that is essential in weddings. If you are still trying to decide which flowers would look wonderful on your wedding day, here are some of the top choices for wedding flowers that are loved by brides and brides-to-be around the world.



The classic beauty of roses never fails to make any event special and extraordinary. White roses are an ideal choice for the bridal bouquet, but you can break away from tradition by going for an all-pink rose bouquet. Floral arrangements that feature roses of different colours are the perfect centrepieces for the tables, on the aisle, and at the entrance.



Peonies are a gorgeous alternative to roses. A bouquet of fully bloomed peonies is the best choice for a truly eye-catching bridal bouquet. From soft shades of pink and lilac to stronger hues of fuchsia and purple and deep red, a bunch of peonies can make anything look spectacular and dazzling! Some wedding designers even adorn cakes and tables with peonies as a special touch.


Sweet Succulents

In the past, succulents will probably be the least considered option for wedding flowers, less so for bridal bouquets. But combined with fragile looking blooms and artistic details and ornaments, succulents can make for a distinct statement bridal bouquet. Some succulents are even painted to complement the colour theme and motif of the wedding. So if you want versatile and striking flower choices for your wedding, sweet succulents may just be what you need.



Tall floral decorations that feature hydrangeas are the perfect centrepiece for your reception tables. Whether you are holding your big day indoors or out in the open air, hydrangeas can make the venue look beautiful and lively. Plus, going for hydrangeas as fillers for your floral decorations can help you save on the costs of wedding flowers.



Go beyond the traditional and choose a bunch of wildflowers! These are perfect for weddings with a rustic feel, or those with a boho theme. It exudes an air of freedom, vivaciousness, and pure happiness! The best thing about wildflowers is you can most likely get them for free, or at a very affordable cost from your flower delivery provider.


Need more fantastic ideas on your wedding floral arrangements? Visit this website and discover a wide variety of stunning blooms for your wedding day!