Interior Design for Small Spaces

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In the city of Dubai, it is not uncommon for ventures and micro-enterprises to accommodate small office spaces as they seek to establish a name for themselves and penetrate the local market. It just makes sense from a business standpoint. Dubai is a progressive market, but it is relatively nascent.  As such, companies and businesses want to test the waters first before taking the plunge and opening a full-fledged office locally. However, just because your company is occupying a small office somewhere in the middle of the city, does not mean you should not make the most of it.

Here are a few small space design ideas you can use to make your small office presentable, professional, and sufficient.

Use light colours

One of the major challenges of a small office is avoiding that cramped and crowded feel. To overcome this, one idea is to use light and cool colours. Cool colours and shades led the feeling of freedom, as colour psychology suggests we subconsciously associate them to the sky and the waters. Just as the sight of the sea crashing on to the beach has a relaxing effect, cool colours are able to calm and soothe us. Utilising light colours in an office space can prevent employees from feeling stressed at work. At the same time, using a light colour scheme in your office can make a visiting client or potential investor feel calm and relaxed. In respect to space, cool colours have a receding effect, which helps in making a small room seem larger than it really is.

Flexible spaces

For offices that have limited floor space, adaptability is essential. An office that allows for multiple uses for a given space can allow your workforce to utilise your interior spaces as needed. One idea that works is to avoid going for fixed-purpose area designs. Instead of having rigid and fixed interior designs, try to make your office more flexible. For example, your company may have the luxury of having a dedicated eating area for employees. However, as your company expands, you may turn that eating space into additional space for your workforce.

Install artwork

Artwork is known to drive creativity and productivity among employees. In addition, it can also serve as centrepieces in a room, drawing the interest of visitors. Intelligently placed artwork can make room feel cosy and stylish instead of cramped and full.

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