Save space with these nifty space-efficient interior design ideas!

In light of increasing property prices and rental rates, smart space-saving interior design ideas are becoming more essential to survive in the limited spaces offered by highly accessible flats and apartments in the middle of the city. With space-efficient designs and furniture, you get to maximise the space inside your apartment, so you can enjoy all the joys and comforts of home. More importantly, space-saving furniture and designs allow your living space to be flexible instead of rigid, giving you the luxury to assign multiple purposes for a single area in your home.  

Looking to turn your apartment in Dubai into a more flexible and space-efficient space? Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Create a loft-cum-reading nook for your books

One way to free up floor space in your home is to replace space-hugging shelves that store your books. Dare we say you get rid of your precious reading time buddies?? Of course not! But one nifty way you can store them is by having an elevated loft where they can be kept without taking up floor space. If you are feeling more creative, you can even turn your elevated loft into a comfy reading nook where you can absorb yourself in the pages of your books, undisturbed. With this idea, not only are you freeing up floor space, but you are actually creating more space in your home by making use of smart interior design.

Drawers under beds

Do you often find yourself running out of storage space at home but have no more room to fit an additional closet? One creative way to save space is by replacing your drawers or closets with built-in, under-the-bed closets. Most of the time, the space under our beds are left unused. Instead of collecting dirt and dust, make use of this space by fitting drawers underneath your bed. This allows you extra storage for home essentials like bed covers, towels, comforters, and clothes. Not only does this help you save space, but it also makes looking and finding what you need more convenient. Instead of digging up pillow covers underneath towels or bed covers in a closet piled high with this stuff, you can smartly segregate them into different drawers.

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