5 Tips On Getting Over Your Anxiety At Workplace

Work anxiety is common employees, but unfortunately, not all workers are open on discussing this condition. Some may even know they have it. Workplace anxiety refers to intense feeling of fear and uneasiness, specifically in the workplace. The impact of this disorder is such that some employees turn down opportunities, or worse, totally leave the workplace.

If you think that you or someone you know is suffering from workplace anxiety, here are some hacks that can help combat this condition and lessen the effects of the symptoms:

  • Treat work like a game


Some people treat work like work which makes it a little stressful. Taking it seriously can lead to anxiety of failing. One way to ease this feeling is make work enjoyable. Top anxiety specialist in Dubai recommend on treating work tasks like a game. This way, you are enjoying the task and accomplishing more at work. There are a lot of ways to do this trick. You can devise your own game wherein you can reward yourself after each tasked is accomplished. That way, you can feel more motivated and you can focus on finishing the “game” at the end of the shift.

  • Pretend you are okay


This advice might sound wrong but works with some patients who are suffering from such condition. Playing pretend can help your mind adapt to what you are trying to portray. Once you master this technique, positive emotions and thoughts will start to take over. As mentioned, it takes great effort to make this happen. You may need to consult with an expert before you do this.


  • Schedule task accordingly


Cramming can definitely make us feel anxious at work. When you cram, your mind and your emotions starts to rush in causing panic and fear. To lessen instances of cramming leading to workplace anxiety, you need to schedule your task accordingly. Proper time management enables you to complete your tasks on schedule without rushing in. Be sure to leave allowances for rushed work and learn to prioritize.


  • Take time to relax


All work and no play can take a toll on your body and mind. Even if your schedule is hectic, dedicate time to relax and calm your mind. Even a few minutes of rest can do wonder to pacify an anxious mind.


  • Be kind to yourself


You need to remember that failure is not your destiny. There will be days at work when everything seems to go south but there are still days wherein you can get back at your feet and succeed on your tasks. Do not put the burden on your shoulders. Learn to be kind to yourself.

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