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How to Start a Translation Company in Dubai

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Starting a Translation company has its own essentials and an extensive skill set. You must have a clear command on other language and your experience and proficiency should be shield with a certification. Apart from having a superior communication skill, time management and cultural awareness should also be on your agenda.

With the office and its furniture done, your next step should be getting an internet connection and printer. Having an extensive library built in your office is an appealing factor and a necessity as well. You must also purchase a translation software. Have a look at here to know the steps involved in the opening of a translation agency.


Opening Your Translation Company

Opening a translation company in Dubai or elsewhere demands similar steps and commitment. Your business should be legally compliant and with time it will grow.



Planning is rudimentary. It is always the beginning block of anything you do. Think through all your costs, the target market, and all the important dealings.


A Legal Entity

To have a legal business entity means you won’t be personally held accountable in case your company gets involved in a legal dispute.


Get Your Taxes Covered

Get registered to all the state and federal laws to make it easy for you to open your business.


A Bank Account

Bank account comes next to organize your financial dealings. Also, recording your expenses is crucial to simplify the tax procedures as well.


Insurance and Licenses

You can be fined for not having the requires licenses and permits. You can be charged with fines which can be bad for your business as well the cost could be too hefty to pay. Insurance comes next.


Marketing Skills

You have to brand your special qualities so that the public gets what you stand for. Your branding is what will make you stand apart from others. For the marketing you need to be ubiquitous. You should take advantage of the social media which can garner you more clients.

It is easy to get your business set up and established if you follow the above path. You will require persistence as it provides the impetus to success. Translation companies have a brighter future as the world is shrinking. People will need greater understanding of things in other languages and also for the preservation of art and literature.